Cathy Rodriguez Massage Therapy Becomes Career by Luck

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Cathy Rodriguez’s choice to register for the massage therapy program at Lone Star College-North Harris was one of luck. Rodriguez had missed the deadline to sign up for another program at the college, and thought that she would have to wait until next semester for class openings.

“I had seen an advertisement for massage therapy at school and it intrigued me,” said Rodriguez. “I met with massage therapy instructor, Aimee Rodriguez, who really put things into focus. She was passionate and living proof that you could be successful in this career. Now that we are in class I really feel this was my calling. There was a reason I missed that deadline and came to this program instead.”

When Rodriguez first entered the program, she thought that being a massage therapist was about making others feel good, but now it has become so much more to her.

“It’s been a state of mind, with benefits anywhere from circulation and relaxation, to the healing process that will release those hidden emotions lifting your worries out your mind. The overall spiritual, emotional and physical wellness of someone and helping them achieve their highest potential on that is what I crave now,” added Rodriguez.

Rodriguez has plans after graduation of going into the medical field to expand her knowledge in health and wellness. Rodriguez would like to travel the world to learn more concepts from different cultures to help benefit her career plans. Her goal is to one day open her own massage therapy facility to teach and train students.

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