The Two-Year Story: Best-Kept Secrets

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Want to know a secret? Seventy-eight percent of college students in Texas begin their journey toward a bachelor’s degree by first attending a community college like Lone Star College.  There are many reasons LSC is one of the fastest-growing community college systems in the nation and the first choice for students looking to succeed.

Many people are surprised to learn just how much LSC has to offer future students.  Everybody knows that community or technical colleges are less expensive than four year schools but there is much more to the LSC story than just cost.

LSC faculty has excellent credentials., a national website where students rank their professors, lists LSC’s active professors as having a 3.85 out of four rating. LSC professors typically have at least a master’s degree, and many have doctorates. LSC faculty also has real life experiences in the fields that they teach, have special certifications or both.

Another reason students love to attend LSC is small class size! LSC averages 23 students per classroom, which means a lower instructor-to-student ratio. The smaller classes help students become more involved, an important factor in overall success. At Lone Star College most instructors know everyone’s names and they keep up with students personally.

If you’re worried that you will miss out on extracurricular activities by attending LSC, think again. Lone Star College has student clubs and organizations at each campus including  athletics, student government, student organizations, theater activities, music performance groups, and other activities aimed at providing students with an over-all college experience.

LSC is a great place to start if earning a four-year or graduate degree is your goal. Students who enroll with one of our partner universities at the LSC-Montgomery or LSC-University Park locations are able to complete a teaching certificate, bachelor’s or master’s degree without traveling to the university campuses. LSC students can also transfer core courses to all Texas state colleges and universities, and most private universities.

Finally, for students who work full time but still want to advance their education, LSC offers extensive evening programs and weekend offerings, in addition to award-winning online courses.

Close to home, affordable, small class size, terrific instructors and a vibrant campus atmosphere. When you add up all the advantages, you see that attending Lone Star College makes sense and saves cents!



Plan For Success: Take Advantage of Career Services

Beginning a career isn’t as simple as graduating from college and landing a job. Planning for a career requires looking within ourselves, exploring career options, and conducting a strategic job search. Like most things worth having in life, it requires hard work and planning. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone.

The Lone Star College Career Services office invites students and graduates to explore the many resources and services available, designed to assist individuals in learning more about their interests, skills and values. The LSC-Career Services office also coordinates on-campus company recruitment of students, organizes career fairs, assists in the development of employability skills, helps in the preparation of marketable résumés, and provides students and graduates with local job opportunities through College Central Network, a job search website. LSC-Career Services is dedicated to helping you make informed decisions about your exploration process and career choices. Career counselors are available to assist you with:

  • Exploring and planning a career path;
  • Choosing a college major;
  • Changing a career;
  • Writing a résumé and cover letter;
  • Developing a job search plan;
  • Practicing interviewing for a job… and more!

Visit to learn more about all the tools available to get you started on your new career.

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