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Advantages of attending Lone Star College add up

Did you know you could take two years of classes at Lone Star College for the cost of a single semester at the University of Texas? Attending a community college like Lone Star College is a smart

Fast growing ‘middle-skill’ jobs in Gulf Coast region

The Gulf Coast region of Texas, including the greater Houston area, is one of the fastest-growing areas in the country, and with a rising population comes rising job demand, far beyond the energy industry. This rising tide

Student Profile: David Rico

Students who learn more, earn more Not having a high school diploma can severely limit job and career opportunities. Lone Star College offers General Educational Development (GED®) test preparation courses and GED testing which, when passed, certify

Not sure about going back to college? It’s easier than you think!

When adults in the Houston area need to re-tool for a new career, Lone Star College is the ultimate resource. To make the most of a return to the classroom, LSC advises that you start the process

Accelerate your career with FastTrack programs at LSC

Joining the workforce as soon as possible can be critical. That’s why Lone Star College helps put students on a FastTrack to a new career in as little as six weeks! LSC offers lots of exciting FastTrack career

Student Profile: Hessami Hernandez

It’s never too late to go back to school LSC-University Park student Hessami Hernandez was not sure going back to school was the right choice when she went to enroll at Lone Star College. “I questioned my

Alumni Profile: George Ochoa

Machining occupation to grow by 37 percent Although George Ochoa had worked as a machinist for more than eight years, he still had trouble finding work because he lacked the proper training certification. After being turned down

Alumni Profile: Trevor Smith

Live Entertainment Technology provides stage ‘magic’ Have you ever been to a concert or performance and wondered, “How do they do that,” as you become mesmerized by the events alluringly simultaneous light and sound display? Have you

Lone Star College puts truck drivers on the map

The Port of Houston is one of the busiest in the world and relies on the transportation industry to move the tons of cargo that comes through its docks. Currently there is a shortage of trained drivers

Alumni Profile: Cecil Conde

Lone Star College puts truck drivers on the road For 20 years, Cecil Conde worked as a radio producer and a traffic reporter flying over Houston’s roadways in a news helicopter alerting motorists about accidents, but felt

The Lone Star College HVAC-R program heats up career options

During Houston’s brutal summers, a person who can repair air conditioners is in high demand – just ask someone whose air conditioner breaks down on a triple-digit summer afternoon. The National Bureau for Labor Statistics Job Outlook

Alumni Profile: Twyla Coy

Certification Program an alternative for teachers Twyla Coy always had desire to teach, but her journey to the classroom took her on a unique path thanks to the Alternative Certification Program – a nontraditional route to certification

FastTrack training for veterans

When a military veteran says “I’ve got your six,” it means they’re watching your back. Lone Star College knows the sacrifice our veterans have made and have their six when it comes to helping them rejoin the

Alumni Profile: Brandon Keilsers

Community Colleges train 84 percent of area first responders Like many firefighters, Brandon Keilsers has a strong sense of helping the community. This led him to enlist into the Marine Corps, where he served for five years

Information technology a cutting-edge career

Today, computers and the Internet play an integral role in everything from using the phone to shopping, schoolwork and more. Computer technology continues to advance in ways that most couldn’t have predicted even 10 years ago. Who

Health Careers Boom

It’s no secret that as the baby boomers age, medical care providers are going to need a massively expanded workforce to meet demand. According to a Department of Labor job search site, many of the fastest-growing occupations