Advantages of attending Lone Star College add up

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LoneStar_advantagesDid you know you could take two years of classes at Lone Star College for the cost of a single semester at the University of Texas?

Attending a community college like Lone Star College is a smart choice even if your goal is to earn a 4-year degree because LSC saves students and their families thousands per semester without sacrificing quality.

Seventy-eight percent of college students in Texas begin earning a bachelor’s degree by first attending a community college like Lone Star College and it’s easy to see why. LSC students don’t find themselves lost in mega-sized classrooms with hundreds of students. LSC classes average 23 students per room which provides more personal attention and support for you to succeed with world class professors who want you to succeed.

You don’t have to take our word for it, just ask the many students who rated us as the top community college system in Texas on, a national website where students rate the quality of school they attend and their professors. LSC earned a four out of five over-all quality rating and 4.5 for happiness.

Worried that you’ll miss out on extracurricular activities? Lone Star College has lots of student clubs and organizations covering a wide range of interests like athletics, student government, student organizations, theatre activities, music performance groups and others that provide students with an over-all college experience.

It’s no wonder LSC is the choice of area high school graduates, with more than 5,800 attending LSC in fall 2013. That’s 10 times the number of students choosing the University of Houston and six times the number who attended Texas A&M University.

Another advantage of attending Lone Star College is that you’ll find campuses that are close to home with flexible schedules to fit your busy life-style. LSC offers extensive evening and weekend programs, in addition to award-winning online courses.

Whether your goal is to obtain a bachelor’s degree, earn workforce certification, or simply update your skills, Lone Star College is ready to help.

How do you choose a career (or college major)?

Making a decision about your college major and what you want to do as a career can be overwhelming. What’s the best way to pick a career that will bring satisfaction and room for growth down the road?

Career Services counselors at Lone Star College are available to meet with students in a friendly one-on-one setting to help them answer those questions. But first, the LSC counselors recommend a couple of simple steps to help you get started on a career search:

Step 1 – Self-discovery.

What special skills and abilities do you have? In other words, what are you good at? What do you like to do (and not like to do)?

Students are often rushed to choose a major or a career path because people want to hear that they have goals. It’s important for students to become aware of their interests, skills and even their personality to help them select a satisfying career.

Step 2 – Explore career options.

Students should take time to investigate the world of “work” and match careers with results of the self-discovery process. Some things to keep in mind are: the type of education required, the actual work environment, the salary and the job market itself – is this a career that will still be in demand in the future?

One tool, My Next Move at, is a self-help exercise that will guide students through a career search process.

There are more career and assessment tools available at including the contact information for LSC counselors who are standing by to help LSC students choose the best career track.

Career and assessment tools can be found at

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