Alumni Profile: Twyla Coy

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Certification Program an alternative for teachers

Twyla Coy always had desire to teach, but her journey to the classroom took her on a unique path thanks to the Alternative Certification Program – a nontraditional route to certification that can allow students to teach while completing the requirements.

Coy grew up in New Caney and took dual credit classes in high school at LSC-Kingwood where she went on to earn her associate degree. She left LSC-Kingwood to attend Sam Houston State University, receiving a BA in Speech Communication.

Twyla Coy at Splendora High School.

Twyla Coy at Splendora High School.

“After college, I went to work in the Teacher Certification Program at Lone Star College-Kingwood,” said Coy. “I had some experience in substitute teaching and a passion for helping others, so it was a natural fit.”

Several years later, Coy become a program coordinator, earning a master’s degree in Speech Communication from the University of Houston and started teaching as an adjunct professor at LSC when a new door opened.

“My department chair mentioned that there was a position that I would be perfect for,” said Coy. A teaching position became available at Splendora High School and after being interviewed, she was offered and accepted the position for the upcoming school year which started in less than two weeks.

But there was one problem, even though she had taught part time for a couple of years, she didn’t have a teaching certification.

“Luckily, I knew just where to go,” said Coy.

She meet with Jennifer Leadbetter, LSC-Kingwood teacher alternative certification program manager, and began a whirlwind of an adventure for the next couple of weeks. “One of the things that I knew and appreciated about the people at Lone Star College is that they truly have the student’s best interest at heart,” said Coy.

Coy has since earned her certification and is the speech and debate teacher, as well as a UIL academic coordinator at Splendor High School and in 2014 was selected as the New Teacher of the Year for Splendora ISD.

“There are so many things that I know I can improve on and to be selected as New Teacher of the Year was an incredible honor and very humbling, said Coy.

“From a very early age, Lone Star College had an influence on my life and my educational goals,” said Coy. “I believe that the personal touch and individualization of needs is the strength of the alternative teaching certificate program and even though the job was much more difficult than I initially expected, I had the support I needed to be successful.”

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