Not sure about going back to college? It’s easier than you think!

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LoneStar_not_sureWhen adults in the Houston area need to re-tool for a new career, Lone Star College is the ultimate resource.

To make the most of a return to the classroom, LSC advises that you start the process by visiting the advising office at the LSC location nearest you. (See

The advising process is an important part of your academic success. LSC advisors can help you chart your academic course of action. They can walk you through the process – registering for classes, obtaining financial aid, online options, parking and more. The LSC advising teams want you to get your best start and are here to help you.

Some other quick tips to consider when returning to college:

1. Don’t worry about your age. Many LSC students are “non-traditional” students over the age of 25 and most are juggling jobs, families, and other responsibilities just like you. In fact, 70 percent of LSC students attend part time and 35 percent, or nearly 20,000, are over the age of 25.

2. Assess your skills. Do you need tutoring, a refresher on computer skills, or remedial courses? While an LSC advisor can assist you with skills assessment, no one knows you like you.

3. Study the demands of the local economy.
It makes sense to spend some time studying the local job market and how to maximize the earning potential of what you’re good at, or maximizing your “marketability”.

4. Pursue what you love. As important as your marketability is, you should try to do what you love. Interest in a job is as important as your ability to do it.

5. Consider online classes. LSC offers classes on campus, online classes, and hybrid classes which combine the best of face-to-face classroom time and online learning. If you’re concerned about work schedules or other time constraints, an online option could be the spark you need to get you started on your new academic journey. (See

6. Identify your support system.
Surround yourself with people who believe in you and your goals, and in no time, you’re on the road to success.

7. Realize how much you already know. The prior experience and knowledge you bring as a returning adult student will benefit your college experience and your classmates.

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