Student Profile: David Rico

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LoneStar_David_RicoStudents who learn more, earn more

Not having a high school diploma can severely limit job and career opportunities. Lone Star College offers General Educational Development (GED®) test preparation courses and GED testing which, when passed, certify the person has high school level academic skills.

“Until Lone Star College, no one had ever really given me an opportunity to better myself,” said David Rico, a former GED student who is currently taking classes at LSC.

Students who learn more, earn more. According the National Center for Education Statistics, students with a high school diploma can earn more than $8,000 a year over someone who does not have a diploma. Earning a GED® certificate can lead to a better career, more job security and greater sense of pride, and it’s also a big step toward attending college.

“There are many reasons why a person might not have completed high school,” said Nadia Nazarenko, LSC executive director, college preparation programs. “Lone Star College believes everyone deserves a chance at a good job with good wages and we’re ready to help them earn that GED and put them on a path to a better life.”

“I spent six years at a job that barely made ends meet and I had no idea how to become a better person,” said Rico. “At Lone Star College I am learning how to consider my beliefs, my mind, my fears and my general plans for my life.

“Lone Star College has changed my life by giving me a chance and for this I am truly grateful,” Rico said.

Interested in the learning more about the GED program at LSC? Visit to find out how you can succeed!

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