Student Profile: Hessami Hernandez

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LoneStar_Hessami_HernandezIt’s never too late to go back to school

LSC-University Park student Hessami Hernandez was not sure going back to school was the right choice when she went to enroll at Lone Star College.

“I questioned my decision about returning to school at the age of 36,” said Hernandez. “Was I doing the right thing for myself and my family?

Hernandez said her first visit to Lone Star College started with a meeting with an academic advisor, who started her on her journey.

“She made me a to-do list that was easy to follow. It listed in detail everything I would need to get started on my journey toward a higher education degree,” she said.

Hernandez said she was still apprehensive about stepping into her first college class.

“I walked into my HUMD class and sat in the corner at the back,” she said. “It was my first class of the day and as the room filled up with students, I exhaled when I realized I wasn’t the only older person in there.”

This was only the beginning for Hernandez, who graduated with honors four short semesters later. She now has her sights set on a bachelor’s degree with a double major – agricultural science and English as a Second Language.

“My experiences here at Lone Star College-University Park have exposed me to a multicultural, multi-ethnic group of faculty and students” … and has “enriched my life beyond measure,” she said.

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