Life skills … training beyond the equipment

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LoneStar_life_skillsWhile learning how to properly operate equipment is critical to finding that new career, employers are also looking for skills that go beyond experience with a machine.

At Lone Star College, students also learn the importance of having good life skills; helping to make sure they’re better prepared to enter the workforce.

What are life skills? They include the social tools needed to interact with supervisors and co-workers to help make you successful on the job. Being able to solve problems, building rapport with others, and having tact and diplomacy are just some of the skills employers seek.

It’s important to demonstrate good communication skills – how to express yourself and persuade someone on your point of view.

“Employers are looking for people who communicate well,” said Linda Head, LSC vice chancellor, Workforce Education & Corporate Partnerships. “Active listening is also something we stress to our students. This leads to fewer mistakes being made and a greater understanding of what the employer needs.”

Another life skill? Learning to take responsibility for your actions, including showing up for work on time.

“One of the main challenges we have by bringing people of different backgrounds is they may lack very essential skills,” said Fernando E. Sanchez-Arias, corporate director, Texas Advanced Manufacturing Solutions, a company with a major manufacturing presence in Houston. “How good are you working with others? Because at the end of the day we measure by results.”

Having the proper skills and attitudes to get along with colleagues, make critical decisions, solve problems and develop respect are vital to being a valuable employee and can become building blocks to a better career. Go to to learn more.

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